Vision for the future

Welcoming tourists to the Netherlands does not only pose advantages, we as DMC Alliantie realize that all too well. Our goal as DMC Alliantie is to stay in close contact with cities, hotels as well as activities to come to a joint solution. A solution that is best for residents, but certainly also allows visitors to have a unique experience.


The definition of a tourist

The partying tourist unfortunately gets lumped together with the tourist who joins an organised trip and adheres to the rules. Unfortunately the rules set by city councils in order to limit the nuisance of the partygoers, mainly affectes the regular tourist. It goes without saying that DMC Alliantie is talking to the councils in this matter.

A visit to the Red Light District; with or without a guide?

The city of Amsterdam wants to ban organised tours in the Red Light District The entrepreneurs on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal also fear more nuisance due to this rule of the municipality. As these enterpreneurs agree with the DMC Alliantie that these organised groups are not the ones causing the nuisance. The Amsterdams Dagblad and NRC have published on these matters.

“So you would expect the ban to be felt as a victory by the entrepreneurs and prostitutes. The truth is different. “We don’t want a ban at all,” says Foxxy Angel of Proud, the interest group for sex workers. “I understand that the municipality wants to get rid of annoying drunk tourists, but those are not the tourists who join tours,” continues the Proud spokesperson, who only wants to be in the newspaper under her stage name. Cor van Dijk, chairman of Ondernemersvereniging Oudezijds Achterburgwal (OVOA), says: “The decision is based on incomplete or perhaps even incorrect information. We do not recognize the nuisance of guided tours.” Both organizations say they, and their members, were not asked for anything in the enactment of the ban.”